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Unbekannter Künstler / unknown artist,Bank der Vereinigten Staaten (erbaut
1795-1797),First Bank of the United States (by Samuel Blodgett and James Windrim)

Unbekannter Künstler / unknown artist

Philadelphia / USA
Bank der Vereinigten Staaten (erbaut 1795-1797)
Philadelphia / USA
First Bank of the United States (by Samuel Blodgett and James Windrim)

It was Alexander Hamilton who popularized the idea of the First Bank of the United States. After the revolution each state had its own currency. Most were worthless as the states themselves were bankrupted by the war effort. Hamilton realized that in order for the new fragile union to survive it would need a central bank. The neo-classical structure helped reinforce the vision that the bank and the Union were sturdy concepts that would stand the test of time. In reality, the bank only lasted 20 years, losing its charter in 1811. It remains the oldest bank building in the United States.


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Enstehungszeit / time of origin: ca. 1830
Größe/size (in cm.) ca.:15x20

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