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Middiman, Samuel (1750-1831),18 Blatt from: Select Views in Great Britain ,Set of 18 views

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Middiman, Samuel (1750-1831)

Landschaften aus Grossbritannien
18 Blatt from: Select Views in Great Britain
from: Select Views in Great Britain
Set of 18 views

Samuel Middiman: A highly regarded engraver, Samuel Middiman first studied printmaking techniques under William Byrne, in London. He then finished his education by studying stippling, under Francesco Bartolozzi, and engraving, under William Wollett. Middiman both etched and engraved large plates after Joseph Wright, Gainsborough, Hearne, Berchem, Smirke and others. He was also much admired for his topographical art which appeared in Select Views in Great Britain (1784-1792) and Picturesque Views and Antiquities of Great Britain (1807-1811). Beginning in 1773 Samuel Middiman was a frequent exhibitor at the Spring Gardens, the Free Society and the Royal Academy. His engraved art for Boydell's Shakespeare Gallery is cited as being among his finest contributions. In these large engravings (such as this original example), Middiman is often compared to the great engraver, William Wollett. In King Henry the Fourth, The Road to Gadshill: Prince Henry, Falstaff, Etc., Middiman employs the famous technique of 'worm line' engraving which was introduced by Wollett. Basically this demanding technique builds strong tonal contrasts by employing a multitude of curving lines. This technique is seen to its finest in King Henry the Fourth, where this night scene is rendered with dramatic variations of light and dark.

Aquarelle auf gestochenem Grund
Engravings with watercolor wash

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Enstehungszeit / time of origin: 1784-89
Größe/size (in cm.) ca.:16x21

 : 2.

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