Every print an original.
The art of etching and handcopperprints is regarded as one of the oldest and finest printing techniques.
In case of etching the motif is etched by the artist directly into the copperplate, with heliogravure the image has been engraved by using a complicated and extremly difficult photographic and handicraft procedure.
Printing is done on heavy handmade-paper. Today, as 500 years ago, the copperplate is still carefully re-inked by hand and then cleaned with wide-meshed gauze balls, for only when the ink lies deep in the impressions the print will possess the velvety tones and fragile lines so characteristic of old, valuable engravings.
The print is produced by pressing the plate under the pressroller with a pressure of around 16 tons. For every single print the entire procedure has to be repeated.
To a greater extent than with wooden engravings, the artistic quality of etchings and copper engravings/heliogravures is dependent on the handicraft skills and the aesthetic sensitivity of the printer.
Through the precise application and removal of ink, the carefully-considered choice of paper and the use of the hand press, the printing specialists create a precious original with every page.

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